What is CareTrac?

CareTrac is a national network of health and fitness centres that provides employees and their families with flexible, convenient and cost effective access to a variety of quality assured activity centres where they need it, as part of a company/corporate employee benefit program.

How can the CareTrac Active Lifestyle Network benefit your club?

Add new members to your Club

CareTrac effectively adds hundreds of new members to your club every year, who would otherwise have joined a competing club, or not joined at all.

No new member acquisition/maintenance costs

We remove the cost and time of marketing to acquire or retain memberships. We source the members via our corporate customers, maintain and manage the relationship with the member, and then bring the business to you.

Corporate membership solution

Traditionally, obtaining a deal with an organization to provide their employees with fitness memberships was difficult or impossible for independent clubs or chains. Now, with no investment, you can instantly provide your club with an additional revenue stream from CareTrac’s corporate customers, such as government departments, private and not-for-profit organisations, and large ASX listed companies, across a variety of industry sectors.

Simplified and reliable payments

Utilising our customized employee attendance and reporting system, CareTrac will provide your club with simplified and reliable payments, which are aligned with monthly participation data.

Anonymous CareTrac Network Partner
The corporate market has always been hard to crack, especially as an independent fitness centre in only one location.

CareTrac has brought over a 100 new members into my centre and an extra $5,000 per month average income without having to sell or advertise for any of them!

I highly recommend the CareTrac Activity Network to any fitness centre owner if you are in the market for increasing your membership base and making more bottom line profit!